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CHẢ GIÒ Eggrolls (4)   $8.95
Traditional fried vegetable rolls with carrots, taro, tofu, and potato served with fresh lettuce and mint and vegan fish sauce.

BÒ BÍA Jicama Rolls (4)   $7.95
Traditional fresh, rice paper rolls wrapped with steamed jicama, carrots, basil, and tofu served with a homemade peanut sauce.

GỎI CUỐN Spring Rolls (4)   $7.95
Fresh, rice paper rolls wrapped with soy shrimp, soy pork, bean sprouts, and vermicelli served with a homemade peanut sauce.

ĐẬU HỦ CHIÊN RAU RĂM Fried Tofu   $9.95
Fried, fluffy tofu puffs served with fresh tiger mint and peppery lime sauce.

SEAWEED XÀO LĂN Curried Seaweed   $9.95
Diced tofu and mushrooms, sautéed with seaweed in a coconut curry sauce. Served with sesame rice crackers.

Tempura banana flower atop fresh tomato-cucumber salsa on crisp cabbage and a rice cracker.



GỎI “GÀ” BẮP CHUỐI Banana Flower “Chicken” Salad   $9.95 / $10.95
Fresh lettuce topped with signature, sliced banana flower and soy chicken served in a tangy tamarind dressing.

XÀ LÁCH TRỘN Garden Green Salad   $9.95 / $10.95
A refreshing combination of fresh lettuce, sliced apples, avocado chunks, and tomato amid a sesame seed dressing.

GỎI XOÀI Mango Salad   $9.95 / $10.95
Tangy green mangoes, cabbage, carrots, and apples tossed in a coconut-tamarind dressing.

Entrees À La Carte


CƠM TRẮNG White Rice   $2.00 / per serving

CƠM NÂU Brown Rice   $2.50 / per serving

RAU XÀO THẬP CẨM Buddha’s Feast   $10.95
A compilation of broccoli, bok choy, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, onion, and tofu sautéed with vegetable broth and garlic.
Soy Beef $2.50
Soy Chicken $3.00
Chow Mein $2.50
Chow Fun $2.50

ĐẬU VE Green Beans   $8.95
Hearty, fried green beans with a dash of mushroom seasoning.

CƠM CHIÊN DƯƠNG CHÂU Yang Chow Fried Rice   $11.95
Children-friendly fried rice with peas, carrots, soy shrimp, and soy pork.

CƠM CHIÊN THÁI Thai Fried Rice   $11.95
A house favorite cooked with black peppers, Thai chili peppers, bell peppers, basil, soy shrimp, and soy pork.

CƠM HẾN Energy Bowl   $10.95
This vegetable-rice bowl contains an abundance of vegetables: fresh lettuce and mint with a layer of rice, topped with sliced carrots, apple, green berry root, tofu, seaweed, and sesame seed.

MÌ “VỊT” TIỀM “Duck” Noodle Soup   $11.45
Yellow wheat noodles cooked with goji berries, bok choy, and smoked soy duck.

BÚN “BÒ” HUẾ Royal Noodle Soup   $10.95
Thick vermicelli noodles cooked with Thai chili, lemongrass, mushrooms, tofu, and soy beef.

PHỞ   $10.95
This famous soup is cooked with allspice and chives, rice noodles, mushrooms, and tofu with your choice of the following:
Soy Beef
Soy Chicken
Mixed Vegetables

“CÁ” CHIEN Crispy “Fish”   $12.95
Fried, seaweed-wrapped soy fish with a choice of the following sauces:

BÚN CHẢ GIÒ “THỊT” NƯỚNG The Vermicelli Bowl   $10.95
Cool vermicelli noodles served atop fresh lettuce, mint and topped with soy pork and an eggroll. 

CANH CHUA Sweet and Sour Soup   $10.95
A classic Vietnamese soup cooked with tamarind vegetable broth, tomato, bean sprouts, and tofu.

“GÀ” XẢ ỚT Lemongrass “Chicken”   $9.95
Slices of soy chicken sautéed with fresh lemongrass and Thai chili served with cabbage.

CARI THÁI Thai Vegetable Curry   $12. 95
Vegetable curry cooked with potatoes, peas, and carrots, topped with coconut milk.

MÌ QUẢNG Hot Noodle Salad   $11.95
Turmeric-soaked rice noodles served on fresh lettuce and banana flower with a hot tomato sauce and sesame rice crackers.

KHO TỘ Clay Pot Sensations   $10.95
Your choice of filling, slow-cooked in homemade teriyaki sauce in a clay pot.
Soy Fish (NV)

KUNG POW “GÀ” Kung Pow “Chicken”   $9.95
Soy chicken cooked with Thai chili, celery, carrots, bell peppers, and peanuts.

“BÒ” LÚC LẮC “Bistec”   $11.95
Also known as “Shaken Beef,” this Vietnamese classic is pan-seared with garlic, onions, and black pepper served with fresh lettuce and tomato.

“GÀ” TỎI Garlic “Chicken”   $9.95
Our bestselling soy chicken, cooked with garlic, tomato sauce, and green onions.

“TRỪU” “Lamb”   $11.95
Soy lamb with sautéed carrots and green beans ad flakes of oregano.

ĐÙI “GÀ” “Chicken” Drumsticks   $12.95
Soy chicken drumsticks served with your choice of the following sauces:
Sweet & Sour
Garlic Roti

CÁ NƯỚNG TRUI Fried Fish   Rice Paper  $22.95 /Seaweed  24.95
Make your own fresh rolls with fried soy fish, steamed jicama, and vermicelli.



Free refills on water and House Tea
Water upon request

Canned Sodas   $2.50

Snapple   $3.50

List may vary. Please see drink stand for available options.

TRÀ (NÓNG / ĐÁ) House Tea (Iced / Hot)   $1.95
Unsweetened fusion of Jasmine tea, brewed every morning with loose leaves.

DỪA TRÁI Young Coconut   (non-available)
Both healthy and tasty, coconut juice is packed with electrolytes and natural sugars for a boost in energy while coconut meat is high in potassium, making it a perfect post-workout treat.

NƯỚC ĐÁ CHANH Lemonade   $4.50
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

CAFÉ SỮA (NÓNG / ĐÁ) Vietnamese Coffee (Iced / Hot)   $4.50
Espresso with soy, homemade condensed milk.

TRÀ THÁI Thai Tea   $4.50
A sweetened tea with soy creamer.

NƯỚC TRÁI CÂY Pressed Juice   (non-available)
Mix or match the following:




Cheesecake   $4.00
Tofu-based cheesecake with homemade blueberry sauce.

Flan   $3.45
Made with soy creamer and homemade caramel for a light, bittersweet treat.

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